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The enemy does not want you to read or listen to this book. Bargaining with the Beast is really a book about spiritual warfare. ITo defeat your enemy, you must know the strategies of your enemy. This powerful book gives you an insightful, practical look into the strategy of our adversary, and why he has been so successful against you. Bishop Canion uses illustrations that everyone can identify with while conveying these spiritual truths. This book will provoke you to think. You will learn how the enemy uses your mind and faith against you period.


You will learn the process of temptation, and why he targets people who have influence in your life. You will learn what he uses to his advantage, and why it is so effective. You will learn how his lies have impacted your life. You will learn what is subtilty and why the enemy believes in the power of subtilty.

You will learn the path to victory over the enemy, and much more.

Bargaining with the Beast

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