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CDC Guidelines to Reconvene inside Services

Hello, and God bless you all. We had planned to reconvene inside service in September, however, the Mayor rolled the city back to Phase 1. At this time the city is open. We have talked directly to the city of Atlanta and CDC. We downloaded the faith-based re-entry procedure from CDC and modified it for AOT. We look to begin indoor service Sunday, November 1st at 10:30. We will continue Facebook Live services for those who may not feel comfortable. I do understand that everyone's comfort level is different. Below, are the re-entry procedures and all pertinent information.  We have taken all precautions and some.


  1. Masks are required. If someone does not have a mask, one will be provided by the usher. Children’s masks are available as well

  2. Everyone will have temperature taken upon entering the foyer and office side door.

  3. After the temperature is taken, attendees will go to the sanitizing station before entering the sanctuary.

  4. All seating is six feet apart - There are thirty chairs in the sanctuary and thirty in the Fellowship Hall

  5. We encourage everyone to give tithe and offering virtually, so as to minimize personal contact. If physical offerings are taken, the finance committee will wear gloves.

  6. Signs are throughout the building reminding everyone to maintain six feet.

  7. We encourage everyone during this season to refrain from extended fellowship after church.

  8. The building will be sanitized after service, to include bathrooms, all doorknobs and handles and all offices.

  9. All entry will be through either the front door or the office side door. The fellowship hall door will be for exiting the building only.

  10. The foyer doors to the sanctuary will remain open to increase ventilation.

  11. We will use bottles of water instead of the fountain - Water will be on a table in the foyer

  12. The nursery will be closed because it is such a small space.

  13. Bible study will remain virtual until further notice.

  14. There will only be thirty-two chairs in the sanctuary; this includes two chairs for the ushers. Each chair will be at least six feet apart. There will be thirty additional chairs in the fellowship hall.  We have the audio and visual capability in the fellowship hall - Those chairs are also six feet apart - When service is over, everyone in the fellowship hall will exit the building from the fellowship hall door; while maintaining the six-foot distance.

15.      After service, under the direction of the ushers, we will exit the building beginning with those in the rear first, so as to maintain distancing as we exit.

Specific auxiliary responsibilities


Praise Team

1. Facing podium praise team enters and exits from right side, the side closest to the Fellowship. Hall away from musicians, and exits the same way.

2. Will sing behind plexiglass, which are approximately 6 feet apart

3. All mics will be sanitized before and after each use with wipes provided.

4.  Musicians Six feet apart

Audio Visual

AV - Set up Facebook live streaming from the booth

Sanitized wipes will be provided to wipe down all frequently touched equipment, to include the handle used to enter an exit AV booth.

AV - only two people in the booth at a time while maintaining distance.

Conduct mic checks early

Ensure that projector is on and sound is working in the Fellowship Hall.


Be especially sure that youth maintain the 6ft distancing in the fellowship hall - The nursery is closed until further notice.


Finance Committee

Finance -  Stress virtual giving - When physical offerings are collected use gloves - Do not pass the offering basket. Receive offering directly from individuals.

Finance - 2 at a time working in finance. Develop an alternating schedule.



  1. Be at church at 8 am per the schedule

  2. Steam Sanitize - The building will be sanitized after service, to include bathrooms, all doorknobs and handles and all offices.

  3. Use trash picker to pick up trash in front of the church prior to service.

  • Two signs on the inside bathrooms doors that read “ Please leave the door open when you exit," this will let people know that restroom is not occupied. 


Ushers - Keep french doors open

Ushers - only two ushers on duty at a time.

Ushers - Set up, fill and store sanitizers after every service. Sanitize immediately upon entering the building

Ushers - Take temp upon entering the church from office side door and front door.

Provide bottled water on the table in the foyer. No one will use the water fountain

Ensure that everyone entering the building is wearing a mask upon entering the building - If they don’t have one, one will be provided- 

Ushers - Ensure that everyone goes first to the sanitizing station upon entering the building. Maintain six-foot distance at all time- 

*Note: Masks should not be placed on children younger than 2 years old, anyone who has trouble breathing - Have adequate supplies - Masks - Thermometer - sanitizer

  1. Replenish sanitizer after each service.


After Service Meetings

Meetings - NO in-person meetings unless everyone in six feet apart and wearing masks. 

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